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The day-to-day processing of mail has changed since Ange Jolie founded Hensley in 1921. Sarah Jolie, current President, can remember hand sorting envelopes on a big table when she was a 10 year old kid. Today, all sorting and most address correction and forwarding is done before a mail piece is ever addressed.

Ange Jolie Photo (Placeholder)Hensley is proud to be a multi-generational family business that has been involved with all of the various evolutions of the business of mailing and fulfillment. Ange Jolie oversaw the early direct mail business for Household Finance, Zenith and Encyclopedia Britannica. He hired an artist whose only job was to “forge signatures” on direct mail letters and hired a room full of typists to generate envelopes and letters in the days before computers.

In the 1950s Chuck Jolie returned home from his time in the Korean War to find that his father was in failing health. He went directly into action and learned all the aspects of the mailing business. He helmed Hensley until the mid-1970s when he was joined by his ‘baby’ brother, Tom. Tom had been overseas running the food programs for Catholic Relief Service. He returned to the US and took a national sales position with Beatrice Foods, a major multinational company.

When Tom joined Hensley, he brought both his social service background and national sales team experience to expand the types of business Hensley partnered with, most specifically the non-profit sector. He and Chuck built Hensley into a company that serviced both the smallest and the large non-profit organizations with all of their mailing and assembly needs.

In 1998, Sarah Jolie, then an executive with a professional association of attorneys, joined her father, Tom. She oversaw the computerization of mailing services. During her time as an association executive she was an event planner as well as managed their non-profit educational branch. She was, and is, a project coordinator. Her experience planning and implementing complex association events and projects transferred over and continue to make her good at running Hensley.  She is known in the mailing industry as the PostalNerd to her customers. She embraced the nickname and now blogs and tweets under @PostalNerd.

The best aspects of family are evident in the values that Hensley staff demonstrates in working with our clients. Hensley has your back.


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